Trading agent services

Our trading agent will help you to purchase property

  • Without EDS
  • Without registration on the ETP
  • Guaranteed admission to trading

If you’re


Not ready to buy an EDS

The cost of an electronic digital signature for bidding on a specific site varies from 4000 to 20000 rubles. The presence of an EDS does not give you a guarantee of a positive result.


Not ready to be registered and accredited

On most electronic platforms, registration and accreditation of a participant is free, but it takes a sufficient amount of time. With the correct registration of all necessary documents, registration takes within 3 to 7 days. If any mistake was made in the registration application, then the application will need to be submitted again. There are express accreditation services on electronic trading platforms, their cost varies from 7000 to 25000 rubles. If the bidding for the lot you are interested in is at the stage of submitting applications, then self-registration on the site entails certain risks.


New in trading or your experience was negative

For a single participation in the trade and the redemption of the item that interests you, there is no need to study the entire process of bidding for bankruptcy. Why should you waste your time, money and effort if it does not guarantee a positive result?


Having a desire to save 20-70% and buy the product at the best price

The purpose of bankruptcy trades is the sale of debtors' property in order to cover their debt. A limited amount of time is allocated for the procedure, during which the debtor's property is sold. On average, it takes six months and is prolonged if necessary. We all understand that in order to sell an apartment, house or land at market value, this time is not enough. Many people spend years selling their property, which has obvious advantages in the form of lack of encumbrances, good repair or location, and most importantly the desire of the owner to part with the property for a pleasant price. When it comes to bankruptcy auctions, it is possible that there are obstacles, difficulties, disadvantages and risks, so their presence is compensated by a good reduction in cost.


Not ready to risk your funds & to be nervous

Trades are always held online on electronic trading platforms. The date and time are determined in advance, indicating the time zone – it is also of great importance. Regardless of the location of the property, the debtor, the arbitration manager or the bidder – there are cases that the trade takes place at night or on weekends, holidays. All lots and trades are different from the previous ones. Everything has its own conditions and features. It is also important to conduct a detailed analysis of the lot of interest before buying in order to avoid losing money. For example, seeing an apartment in the very center of the city at a price 80% below the market is worth thinking about. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Then our company will provide the necessary assistance

  • Support from the first call to the receiving of property documents.
  • Development of an action plan
  • Experienced managers, lawyers with bankruptcy practice
  • Our work is almost round–the-clock - trades are held on weekends, holidays, in the morning and even at night!
  • Ubiquitous analysis, careful planning and a responsible approach help us achieve our goals – we win 9 out of 10 trades.
95% chance of success

Applying for agent services up to 5,000 ₽

  • Discount for wholesale and regular customers

Do you want to know the commission for a specific item?

  • We reply within 15 minutes to the mail for free

Basic Services

Participation in bankruptcy trades under an agency agreement

Legal advice and legal support

Assistance in registering on the electronic trading platform

Assistance in loans

Assistance in obtaining EDS, production of EDS

Removal of encumbrances

Evaluation, determination of liquidity, item analysis, organization of preview

Working with investors

Selection of items and consultations

Sale of purchased items

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